Instead of selling your home, consider RENTING it.

Whether you own one home, or several, it pays to use the services of EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS.

As a full service property management firm we provide the following services so you can feel comfortable knowing that your investment is protected:

·We do our best to find the best possible renter, at a fair rental rate, for the longest possible acceptable period.

·We work with local real estate agents and market each property increasing exposure of the property and reducing overall vacancy rates

·Routinely inspect the property and make recommendations for the repairs or improvements.

·Leverage a team of experienced repair professionals to provide quality work at reasonable rates

·Perform credit checks, verify employment status, and/or interview potential renters prior to leasing limiting exposure to irresponsible tenants

·Manage legal documents to ensure compliance with property laws and housing regulations to protect the home owner and the tenant

·We collect the monthly rents and deposit or send the funds to the owner in a timely manner.

·Initiate and follow up on all legal evictions.

·For investors, we offer the ability and expertise of full realtor services to assist in the purchase or sale of properties

Our Owner Services

·         Qualify prospective applicants through our thorough screening process.

·         Prepare, market and show your property for rent.

·         Conduct move-in and move-out inspections of the property, drive by.

·         Supply rental applications, leases, and all other documents necessary to meet Arizona’s landlord/tenant laws.

·         Provide easy-to-read accounting on a monthly/yearly basis.

·         Advertisement on the Internet, MLS and and website of your property.

·         Help you maintain your property through inspections.

·         Emergency repairs.

·         Collect rent, late payments, handle eviction judgments.

·         Pay sales tax on collected rent.



Fee: 12% of the collected monthly rents

Placement fee: $395.00 paid to our company or the agents company that provided the qualified tenant

Renewal Fee: Per management agreement

Vacant Properties: We do not charge until a new tenant is secured.

Owner Checks: Owner checks are mailed/direct deposited on or about 15th of the month; as long as the tenant has made the lease payments & it has cleared the bank

Direct Deposits: Available

Can you just find me a tenant: Yes; the fee would be negotiated plus ad costs

Advertising: The Owner pays for the advertisements. We advertise in MLS and numerous web sites.

Maintenance: We use companies and individuals that we trust to complete the job at a fair price to you. We do not add a handling fee on top of their invoice. We use licensed and unlicensed companies and individuals.

Paperwork to get started: Complete the property management agreement on line and we start immediately

Area of Service: East Valley, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert, Ahwatukee, Apache Junction, Queen Creek proper, and Gold Canyon

Security Deposit: We hold the security deposit in your account then ready for refund to the tenant upon move out and walk-thru is completed.

Sales Tax: Sales tax is collected from the tenant and paid on your behalf monthly or quarterly

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